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The Home Buying Process

Your Home Buying Potential
Finding Your Ideal Home
The Loan Process
The Closing Process
The Inspection Process
How to Buy a Home with No Money Down
Winning Bidding Strategies
Moving Tips
Setting Goals to Buy a Home
Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Goal Setting with Brian Tracy, top national motivational and business speaker

Planning for Your Dream Home
Time Management and the 80/20 Rule
Increasing Your Income 1000%
Trading Up to Your Dream Home
Organizing Your Life

Title and Closing Tips from Stewart Morris, CEO, Stewart Title Company

Adjustable Rate Mortgages
The Closing Process
Closing Electronically
Know the Red Flags
Know Where to Find Resources

Experience with

Buying Your Home with
Selling Your Home with

News Coverage

San Diego Foreclosure Homes Moratorium
Buying Foreclosures
Mansion Foreclosure
Jumbo Loans in Reach
Homes for Under 100K
Development Downsizing
How Government takeover of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Could Help You
Rent vs. Buy in San Diego Homes
Renting or buying a home in San Diego – Is now the time?
Perfect Time to Buy a San Diego Home
Should you Buy Now?
Is it a Buyer or Seller Market in San Diego?